Air Quality

Compressed Air Quality Testing

Pro Air uses and distributes the AirCheck Kit from Trace Analytics.  Trace’s laboratory specializes in compressed
air quality analysis.

By buying the AirCheck Kit the first year, you eliminate the constant shipment of heavy or bulky items each quarter.
Since you own the kit, the only shipping involved on your end is the 3 ounce package containing the air sample. The savings in shipping costs alone easily justifies your decision to buy the kit.


Kit Simplicity –  Sample collection is quick and easy using the AirCheck Kit. Just 5 steps, 10 minutes and 78 cents of postage has your compressed air sample on its way to the laboratory for analysis.

Kit Ownership –  Having the kit on hand year round allows you to schedule convenient sampling times and respond immediately if a problem is suspected. You will also be reminded by friendly postcards.

Fast Turnaround –  Upon receipt, samples are typically analyzed by TRACE within 24 hrs., and reports mailed within 72 hrs. A copy is also provided to Pro Air Inc., your service distributor.

Out-of-Specs –  Samples that fail to meet air quality standards are immediately reported to you and your service distributor by phone.

Free Retest –  When a sample fails to meet specifications, you receive 1 Free retest if taken within 30 days of the initial failure.

Troubleshooting –  Pro Air and Trace personnel will work with you to help determine the source of your air quality problems.

Accuracy –  Trace uses a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GCMS) for analysis of gases & water, and a micro balance for condensed hydrocarbons. Daily accuracy and precision data is provided on all reports. No detector tubes are used for any portion of analyses.

Accreditation –  Trace’s laboratory is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), as required by NFPA1500.

Our Guarantee –  The AirCheck Kit has a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee. If any part of the hardware fails to work properly, we will replace it at no charge. If you are dissatisfied with the kit and/or our services; we will buy back the kit (prorated basis) and any unused prepaid samples.

Restocking –  Kit supplies are restocked once a year at no charge. A minimal shipping charge of $6.00 applies to all U.S. shipments.