Open Fill Station

by ProAir Midwest, Inc.

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  • Optimum operator safety
  • Efficient air management
  • Over pressurization
  • Flow control valves ensure proper fill rate

Pro Air filling stations are constructed to provide the operator protection while filling air bottles. The fill tank is constructed of aluminum diamond plate with thick wall aluminum tubular inserts for fragmentation deflection.

A double wall of steel and aluminum between the fill tank and the control panel gives the operator additional protection. The fill control panel includes a regulator, gauges and fill valves, to permit the operator to simultaneously fill two bottles.

The optional Cascade Control Panel offers maximum efficiency in air management. The panel features the pressure gauges and flow control for (4) storage banks. The piping is arranged to permit each bank to be filled or drawn down independently of other banks. A bypass valve is included to permit direct use of the compressor, bypassing the storage system.

All MAKO systems meet or exceed current NFPA, Canadian, and worldwide breathing air standards.