PA-1 Single Position

SPA-1 Single Position Containment Fill Station

Class 2
Single Cylinder Fill Enclosure
5000 PSI Rated

by ProAir Midwest, Inc.

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  • Connecting fitting from cascade system.
  • One fill hose complete with line valve, stainless bleed valve and SCBA fill adapter.
  • The Enclosure is designed and certified to contain the destructive force of accidental cylinder rupture or hose failure.
  • The blast of air is vented quickly and in a direction away from the operator.
  • A safety interlock prevents SCBA filling unless the access door is completely closed and in the locked position.
  • Mounting Anchor Nuts.

PA-1 accessory features:

  • Diamond Plate side panels
  • Cascade control panel

The Fill Enclosure fills one SCBA cylinder at a time in a Class 2 Station. In reference to the NFPA Guidelines, the station is third party certified. The Enclosure provides increased safety to the operator when the door is closed and locked.

The Enclosure features a door with safety interlock and a tilting cylinder. The tilting cylinder makes loading and unloading easy. A special paint on the internal cylinder protects the cylinders from scuffing during the loading and unloading process. The Fill hose is designed for easy connection to the SCBA cylinder.

Dimensions: 17″ side x 24″ deep (with handle) x 37″ high

Weight: 375 lbs.

Colors: Blue, Green,Yellow, Black, Red
Ask about custom colors to match your equipment.