On site service is available 24 hours a day.

Pro Air takes pride in their exceptional product service.

Pro Air offers Biannual Service Contracts that include the
following manufactures of air compressors:

Mako , Bauer , Bristol , Rix , Eagle , Hamworthy ,
Ingersoll Rand , Joy , Allied , Hypress

  • System Check - Voltage, air flow, oil fill, hook-up to filler system, etc.
  • Operational Check - Rotation, noise, belts, oil flow
  • Maintenance - Oil change, compressor intake filter, moisture separators, final filters
  • Air Sampling - Moisture, carbon monoxide, oxygen content, oil mist, carbon dioxide,
    and particulate matter.

All service agreements also include any service calls and travel charges for any repairs on your compressor. You will be responsible for any parts that may be needed for repairs. Pro Air, Inc. will be at your site within 48 hours of your call for emergency service. Please note that if you purchase our Service Agreement, the cost of the filters is not included in the price of the Service Agreement.

Quality Air Testing is done at your station by our technicians. We then send the sample to a laboratory to be analyzed. The results, including a certificate, will be sent to you directly. If there is a problem with your air, the lab informs you and us. We then contact you to correct the problem with your air.

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